What started off as designing apparel for their street and stage performances, has turned into a growing part of the Tic and Tac brand. During their shows they started receiving many complements on their attire and even started getting request to buy their shirts, hats, and other accessories of their backs. Reluctantly, Tic and Tac did not want to start distributing sweaty after show shirts to the public. Instead, the duo started work on their male fashion line.

With our success with Johnny Handsome Clothing Line, and our on hand experience in the Industry watching and studying friends and associates such as Tony Shellman, TRIBAL STREETWEAR, Gino Green launch successful Clothing Companies.


They quickly learned the “in’s and out’s” of the industry.

Even if you’ve never heard of Tony Shellman, you’ve certainly heard of Mecca and Enyce, the fashion companies that he co-founded. The success of these powerhouse lines paved the way for brands like Rocawear, Sean John and now Tic & Tac Clothing. Then If you add on the infatuation we had with Karl Kani it was only a matter of time, when Tic & Tac would launched their own Apparel Creations. The unique thing about the Tic and Tac Apparel Creations, is that it is not only stylish, but gives you a piece of the complete Tic and Tac Experience.