Company Overview
Tic & Tac Entertainment is an Acrobatic, and Break Dance company that combines athleticism, theater, and comedy.
Create lasting family memories with Tic & Tac Entertainment. Hilarious antics & amazing Acrobatics, and Break dance skills will entertain the whole family. Their routine includes witty and hilarious jokes which are well coordinated and synchronized between them. Shows they have really put in their work.

Tic & Tac Entertainment specializes in corporate functions, sporting or civic events, school assemblies, private parties, festivals or fairs; and Busking!

Amazing and imaginative New York experience founded by Twin brothers Kareem & Tyheem Barnes.

Better known as TIC & TAC.
Acronym for Tic & Tac:
Tic – Talented Impressive Creative
Tac – Top Audience Controller

Tic & Tac (Twins) Break-dancing, acrobatic, comedy duo.

World Renown Buskers execute cutting-edge moves served up with side-splitting comedy!

Our Company Tic & Tac Entertainment specializes in acrobatics, break-dancing, hip-hop, power tumbling, and fun. We have performed for numerous NBA half-time shows and Finals, commercials, and videos.

From the streets, meaning “School of Hard Knocks”

“School of Hard KNOCKS” meaning, a good education is an essential part to success; however, one must have a certain respect and admiration of those who have made their marks without the benefit of the traditional university education. The culture we call street has given birth to some of the most successful and insightful people in the world. Many of us would not be here today were it not for the skills and knowledge we acquired, and the dues we paid on the street. There is no replacement for street sense and instinct.

There’s No School Tougher Than “The School of Hard Knocks ”

Our Dream is an Crowd Funded National Tour and Broadway show.  From The Streets To The Balcony Seats.

This is so much more than just raising money – it is about building a community of like-minded fans whom love what were doing. America Were In It To Win It. Together.  Now, the future is determined by you, not by a select few.

Crowd funding gives the public the opportunity to be involved. When people join forces around a common goal, anything is possible.