Some sing. Some trum. Somehug. Some are naked. They’re New York’s street (and subway) performers – those buskers who do their thing for your pocket change. Of course, not all of these people are as talented as they think they are. But for every sad sack tunelessly tooting a harmoinca, there are some real talents out there ready to be discovered, sometimes literally beneath our feet.

Tic and Tac have flipped since first grade. These twin brothers (Kareem and Tyheem Barnes) started break dancing at age 6, with vintage Times Square troupes. At 10, they went solo, and soon they were performing as thrird quarter showmen for the Harlem Globetrotters. Now Tic and Tac frequent Washington Square Park, entertaining weekend crowds with acrobatics and sass. “The flips keep them entertained, but our real job is making people laugh,” Kareem says. To that end, they mock not only people in the audience, but especially themselves. “We’re professionals,” they said in unison in one recent act. “That’s why we work on the street.”

Crowds at Washington Sqaure Park flip when they see Tic And Tac do their acrobatic thing high above the ground.

Acrobatic twins Tic And Tac at there Washinton Square Park stage City’s best buskers have serious street cred.

The New York Post endorses Street Legends & Showtime at the Apollo fame Tic & Tac


“Tyheem and Kareem Barnes, twins nicknamed Tic & Tac, hits the stage with the energy of the Nicholas Brothers. The Barnes’ routines are more athletic than terpsichorean-they’re the ones who do the spin-me-on-your-head trick-but they’re flashy and charming, and they give the show a shot of adrenaline with each appearance. .”
-The Washington Post-

“Tic & Tac All-Stars will simply knock your socks off with their daring, gyroscopic, break-dancing moves. They’re spectacular. They’re audience favorites. Tic & Tac are joined in Forever Swing by another break-dancer, Flipz, a champion head-spinner.”
-The Chicago Sun Times-

“Swing! Was fun but Forever Swing is the better show. But Forever Swing soars thanks to Regan’s mix of true swing dancers and modern break dancers- the jaw-droppingly good twins Kareem and Tyheem Barnes- whose gymnastic moves gives Forever Swing all- ages appeal.”
-The Miami Herald-

FORGET THE LINDY HOP: The most popular dancers in Forever Swing aren’t the Lindy Hop specialists; They’re a trio of Hip-Hop and Break Dancers, Go Figure
-South Florida Sun Sentinel-