Tic & Tac Entertainment

Tic & Tac Clothing

Amazing and imaginative New York experience founded by Twin brothers Kareem & Tyheem Barnes better known as TIC & TAC.
Acronym for Tic & Tac:
Tic – Talented Impressive Creative
TacTop Audience Controller
Tic & Tac love their work and loves sharing their work with those around them. For those who love Tic & Tac, be sure to pick up your small peice of it. Another creative outlet for Tic & Tac is their vast appearl portfolio.

Twins Are People Two

Tic & Tac Store

A unique line of clothing for you and your other half. Twins are people Two outfitters is a fun and special way to share that special bond with your twin. Check out our growing inventory, here and if you find something you like, be sure to pick it up! Apart from our clothing we have a list full of Creative Fashions you can purchase. From our DVD’s and music you hear on the page, to our many other products. Keep in mind your donations Keeps us out the Poor house and Your house! Being that your donations are dedicated to a very important person in our lives. Our Landlord……